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Vaping 101

  • There are over 20 million Americans currently using vaping products to quit, or significantly reduce, their cigarette smoking.
  • Vaping is shown to be 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes and carry only 0.5% of the cancer risk of combustible tobacco.
  • Vaping can save 6.6 million American lives over the next 10 years.

Why Vaping Matters in Your Election:

  • 83% of vapers are likely to decide their vote based solely on a candidate’s position on nicotine vapor products and issues.
  • Vapers are politically engaged and turnout to vote at levels significantly higher than the national average.
  • 79% of vape consumers are more likely to vote for a candidate who opposes flavor bans. Banning non-tobacco flavored vaping products is shown to increase smoking, including youth smoking, and decrease tax revenues.

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